His miniature pinscher, Rocco, was leashed next to Bugsy, a slightly larger salt-and-pepper shiatsu belonging to 36-year-old Daniel Pagan.

"Dog Spat Leads to Fatal Stabbing," Wall Street Journal, Oct. 1, 2010, p. A23 of the print version.

I don’t know if this was a matter of Word’s AutoCorrect, or merely a writer (or proofreader) in dire need of some touch therapy, but clearly they were looking for “Shih Tzu.”

(The Web version is correct; the print version stands for the ages.)

After my first visit to the shattered middle school, I am haunted by what I found in one office: hundreds of file folders containing student psychological examinations complete with social security numbers, addresses, and parent information. I sat and thumbed through them. Many contained detailed histories of physical and sexual abuse, stories of home lives so horrifying I still can’t get them out of my head: sibling rape, torture, neglect that defies belief. The detailed reports explained emotional impairments, learning disabilities. There was another box full of IEPs. The dates revealed that many of these students are still in the school system somewhere. I found several of their faces in the 2007 yearbook.

"I, Scrapper," from Sweet Juniper!

Just ran across this blog today, via a link on The Morning News to scary, Nixon-era children’s books. Looks like a trove of urban exploring in, and reporting upon, the slow-motion demise of Detroit.

Consider this recent plan to “right-size” the city:

Detroit is finally chipping away at a glut of abandoned homes that has been piling up for decades, and intends to take advantage of warm weather and new federal funding to demolish some 3,000 buildings by the end of September.  .  .  .

Even when the demolitions are complete, Detroit will still have a huge problem on its hands. The city has roughly 90,000 abandoned or vacant homes and residential lots, according to Data Driven Detroit, a nonprofit that tracks demographic data for the city.

"Detroit Shrinks Itself, Historic Homes and All," WSJ.com

That’s potentially a lot of abandoned schools for this urban explorer to plumb. And if you want to join in, check the local real estate auctions. Motor City real estate has been gaveled off for as little as a buck.

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